Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★½

Below is my initial review after seeing it in theaters, but I decided to hold off on posting it because A) to avoid the fervor of the collective hive mind at time, which had anointed this the greatest movie ever B) to see if any of my opinion changed after a subsequent home viewing (it didn’t).

Went to this having only seen two MCU movies ever (Iron Man and Winter Solider, both of which I enjoyed quite a bit), so that said, I get people might knock my rating cause I’m not as ingrained in the latest Spidey trilogy or the overall MCU arc. However, I decided to see this out of two reasons: 1) Sheer boredom 2) To test out a theory: the only reason MCU movies get the “critical acclaim” that they do is due to group think. This hypothesis bore true seeing it in theaters - everyone was hooting and hollering every 10 minutes. It was like they came to see a circus show (in a lot of ways, this film does play out like one with all the fan service).

The film itself is fine, a nice bit of mindless entertainment - but it’s not anywhere close to a masterpiece. (The script is horrible, just felt like there was no real stakes. Also, I know the dialogue in MCU films has regressed to the point of eyeroll, but this was a new low.) And that’s not a knock, I enjoy bullshit, mindless popcorn flicks as well, but for people to assume this is anything more, you’re being delusional.

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