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Film Buff, ex video store guy in the 90's now a streaming fan Netflix, Prime.

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  • Sonny Capone

    Sonny Capone


    Jaysus that was wacky. Its like a load of mad heads decided to make a mafia film for the buzz. I loved the piece of cloth yer man wore as a jewish cap, so ham, and the moll blonde that licked faces well its Dublin. Some of the banal dialogue is probably close to the actual speil of these sink estate drug bosses.

  • Last I Heard

    Last I Heard


    Paul Sorvinos wonderful portrayal of an old mob capo released from prison as he is dying is a quiet reflection on family, neighbourhood, friendship and the end of the cosa nostra in New York. Having served his time and not flipped like so many mafia men Mr Joe is lost in the modern world. There are some great scenes as Sorvino speaks Italian to a made guy as he is looking for vengeance for the dishonour of his daughter. The violence that he represents even near the end is captured nicely in the final scenes.

  • Morvern Callar

    Morvern Callar


    A great movie and has probably one of the greatest soundtracks ever compiled. Samanta Morton as Morvern just great casting.

  • Mojave



    I enjoyed it. There was a good cast and some good interplay between the two leads. Killer on the road L.A style it captures a weirdness alright but some dialogue is convulted. I liked Wahlbergs rant on the balcony maybe parody of himself. Its a solid watch for the late night viewer.