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  • It Came from Hollywood

    It Came from Hollywood


    A few days ago I was lucky enough to have been given knowledge about this movie/documentary. I recognized many of the movies shown, but there were a few that were new to me. After researching a few that had interesting clips shown (Wonder Bar, Because of Eve) I was shocked at what they were showing in those films, since that would NEVER be shown in any Hollywood movie today.

    It makes me wish that Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, and Gilda…

  • Hot Ticket

    Hot Ticket

    Even though I've given this movie only 2 and 1/2 stars, doesn't mean that it isn't very entertaining. This movie falls under the "So bad it's good" category since you'll be laughing so much you'll think that this was a comedy (think "The Room" as an example).

    I usually enjoy watching Maria Ford in her movies, but her character in this one seemed off. Maybe it was the Directing, or the writing...but I was hoping to see Kim eat a…

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  • Fatal Passion

    Fatal Passion


    Lisa Comshaw does a great job as Rebecca (most of Lisa's acting is in the form of pornographic films). It's a shame that Ms. Comshaw didn't do more films like this one, since she can act.

    As for the films plot, I won't go into details since one detail that explains Rebecca's job is better seen and not read about online. If you like a good thriller/mystery film, then give this one a try.

  • Triangle



    I honestly do not like many new films (new being anything made after say, 2005) simply because they have a "Been there, Done that" feel...or are just a remake of something done much better a decade or so ago.

    Triangle is my 2nd best Horror/Sci-Fi movie (with "The Thing" being 1st), and even just labeling it as Sci-Fi is questionable. It all depends on your perspective of the movie's plot. I won't spoil it here, but you could have a…