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B-Fest 2017

Movies shown during B-Fest 2017.

Original line-up according to the B-Fest website. During the event there were two substitutions for films with the additions of Gorgo (over Yongary, Monster of the Deep) and Tarantula (over Creature With the Atom Brain).

Here’s the 2017 B-Fest Lineup!

6:00 pm Hercules in New York sponsored by the West Side Five
7:20 pm The Magic Sword sponsored by First Light of "Bob" Ministries
8:45 pm Bloodlust! Sponsored by Charles and Liz Fulton
10:00 pm Empire of the Ants sponsored by Sally Scheuermann
11:45 pm The Wizard of Speed and Time
12:00 am Plan 9 From Outer Space sponsored by Plans 1-8 (and, potentially, 10-Question Mark)
1:30 am Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon sponsored by…

  • Hercules in New York
  • The Magic Sword
  • Bloodlust!
  • Empire of the Ants
  • The Wizard of Speed and Time
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space
  • The Last Dragon
  • Battlefield Earth
  • Action Jackson
  • Malibu Express
  • The Gong Show Movie
  • Gorgo
  • Future Hunters
  • Tarantula
  • They Live