6 Bullets to Hell ★★½

A laudable effort by spaghetti western aficionados at recreating the works of the golden days. There are some nice scenes in there and a good gunfight at the end. Morricone tunes (rights pending, which is delaying the release and distribution) are adding some value to an otherwise B production that can't quite shake off its meant-to-look-indie vibe. The on-purpose re-dubbing is for the most part too much and sounds bad (the dubbing of old wasn't bad on purpose, it was just bad mostly due to lack of know-how and budget). The production design is not much, considering most scenes were shot on the old locations that look either too civilized now (vehicle tracks etc.) or decrepid (Texas Hollywood etc.). The main actor has zero charm and the bad guy even less. The script doesn't offer much in terms of logic, motivation or depth. All in all, it's a throwback that just stops short of really being more than just a hobby exercise by fans. It's too bad, because there's not rule that says you couldn't make a high quality spaghetti western today.