2001: A Space Odyssey

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This review may contain spoilers.

From birth to birth, I have upped this movie a 1/2 star rating.

It is the second time I have watched this movie this year, and I have zero regrets. One of the most visionary masterpieces I've ever seen, this movie is absolutely astounding. It's incredible to imagine it been made so long ago, considering the sheer value this movie produces. "52 years" - carltoes.
I'm going to be corny, but I love the amount of analysis that can be made from this movie. Just upon first watch, it's immediately clear that this movie wasn't made to be understood, it was made to be admired; pondered upon. From 4 different chapters, "it's a work of art" - xanax.
The amount of pure admiration I have for Kubrick is immense. The amount of times I went "wow so cool" is really the only way I can describe the cinematography, like, wow so cool.
so cool.
SO COOL!!!!! I mean the colour schemes, the symmetry, the ACTORS (yum) I loved it so much. Also, wow, just think about the amount of music that was used. There were scenes in which the only sounds to be heard were Dave's breathing, and it's incredible to think about the impact psychologically that that has on the viewer. There's actually quite a bit of just breathing, but even within that it is possible to sense tension increasing and decreasing based on rapidness and shuddering. Besides that, Ligeti is a go-to in order to make me feel the suspense. I knew exactly when a monolith scene was about to appear, not only because there was a 3 second delay (lmao) but also because of the sounds of ligeti in the back, I was ready to see it appear.
I loved how well conducted the entire plot was. Every single chapter follows each other based on the information known before, which is why it's really easy for the viewer to follow and interact with. Also, that first transition from bone --> ship #swag loved it so much it was so innovative 🤘rock on kubrick.
Keir Dullea = hot, and even when he was older he never stopped being attractive.
THAT BEING SAID, this movie was innovative. It was one of a kind, and it is a masterpiece all in all. It's not a movie in and of itself, it is an experience, and it is one I believe everyone should have, if they are willing to embark on the full experience of movie making.

PS: I will never get over any of 2001 references in any other type of film/show, it always makes me feel so cool because I love this movie

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