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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie was a good refresher that I'm not alone in this OCD thing; it made me so happy to see that I'm not alone in the fight and that someone else is going through it as well. THAT BEING SAID, Mr Brooks could have presented mental illnesses much better I swear to god, I believe it can make the audience believe that all that OCD does to a person is make them highly sour and bigoted, which is quite bad already considering the current humouristic approach associated to OCD. It is, in fact, a serious disease, and even though it can seriously impact people's emotions <(or rather their control over them), it is not to say that all people with OCD are horrible, misogynistic, sexist humans.
On another note, I love the dog plot, definitely deserved an Oscar. Still, Melvin and Carol's relationship felt so painfully platonic; their relationship chemistry didn't do it for me; in fact, it just felt very forced. The shots were no big deal, but I loved the music used in this film, gave off such comforting vibes. The piano move was definitely a big win. The acting was so cute! Everyone did so well but it just really bugs me (the chemistry between all the characters). I found the artist side story to be somewhat okay? Like just merely meh.
all in all, I'm happy I've watched this movie, it was very adorable and definitely something I needed, however, that's not to say it's a masterpiece, but definitely close to the classics list.
"why would you simp for a 90 yr old who only wants to get into your pants when you can be with a man who tells you that youre why cavemen chiselled on walls" --> elsa

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