Se7en ★★★★½

that movie was a lot. it was so much, so overwhelming, I felt like I was going to puke. please don't be stupid ad watch this at 2 in the morning for the first time right before a flight, I legitimately feel horrible, and yet here I am. the acting was beyond phenomenal from everybody, and the production value had me in disbelief. i was hooked to the screen at all times except for when I didn't want to see what was shown (you know who you are lol). the music was so sinsiter and scary and I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep that well tonight. forever thanking my girl amy for that trivia and fun facts during the movie, it made it all the more enjoybale. also, this movie was so disgustingly gruesome, but the COLOUR PALETTE was so vibes I loved it. i don't think I regret watching this movie in the slightest, I think its just 3 in the morning and now I'm reconsidering all of my life choices. god, the actor that plays you know who did such an amazing job. ALSO shoutout to myself for LITERALLY DEDUCING ALL OF THE CLUES i feel so smart I feel so cool and achieved like wow go me I guess. anyway, time to go take melatonin and hope I can fall asleep god I'm so dumb why couldn't I have just watched this movie and then flipped instead of the other way around. aynway, happy Sunday 😘

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