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  • Pauline at the Beach

    Pauline at the Beach


    I miss home :'(

  • Tomboy



    This film has been praised for many reasons so I won't name all the reasons that make this story so strong and touching. I just wanted to talk about the brother sister relationship.

    This was the most realistic, intimate and touching portrayal of a relationship between young siblings I have ever seen on screen. Truly, I can't find a film with a better representation of the complicity, boredom, annoyance and secrets brothers and sisters share.

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  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    A very powerful film. Everything seems calm on the surface but through Julia Garner's great performance, all the injustice and repressed secrets slowly bubble up. Every conversation creates a unique tension many women (and men at entry level jobs!) have to go through everyday. That HR conversation gave me chills.

    I know personally many girls who are "the assistant" (some of them precisely in the film industry) but the theme of the film can be broader. It's about abuse of power and more specifically the people that let this abuse happen, us all.

  • The Aviator

    The Aviator


    I can't believe I only discovered this film now! It might be my favourite Scorsese film. Living through Howard Hughes eyes offers a delightful VIP access to the old-Hollywood era that my pre film-school self would've loved even more than my present self. I'm sad for her but happy I got to discover this during isolation. The first word of the film is Quarantine!! Felt like a sign.