Come Play ★★

Yet another horror movie that relies too much on jump scares and fails to actually get under your skin. These films are always going to be made and I get why, I guess I always fall for it and watch them, but I'm seeing way too many uninspired horrors. Where this one fails is by re-using the same scares over and over again; even if they were scary the first time, by the fifth or sixth time they definitely aren't going to be. The social commentary also fell a bit flat, as it tried to give a message about how much we look at screens, yet it also showed how some people NEED technology to communicate... so is it trying to say technology is good or bad? It didn't feel like it was trying to be neutral, it felt lost.

However, credit where it's due, the performances were fine. I like Gillian Jacobs, she showed good range here, and young Azhy Robertson did a great job as Oliver. I actually really liked Oliver as a character which says a lot as he doesn't speak, and it was good to see some autism representation in a movie, especially a horror. Although the horror elements didn't really work, the movie had a nice emotional side and some decent character moments.