The People vs. George Lucas ★★★★

I've been trying to see this documentary for a couple of years now and finally got to see it. And it was well worth the wait! On its most basic level, the documentary offers a very coherent argument about Lucas and his treatment of Star Wars fans, balanced with as much "pro" as "anti" views. It uses clever metaphors about Lucas becoming the evil Empire and the fans becoming the Rebels, with some fans being so toxic against Lucas that they have degenerated into Sith lords. But beyond the Star Wars question lies a much bigger, and far more important matter: Who actually "owns" Star Wars? Lucas or the fans? This drives at questions about our culture, and the nature of our relationship with culture and fandom. It highlights the uneasy synergy between the creative inspiration and the big business behind movies; the passion of the fans against the wholesale merchandising machine of the studio; and of course the hopelessly dysfunctional relationship between Creator and Followers. It's a terrific and hugely entertaining documentary that explores modern culture beyond the remit of Star Wars, yet drills into the Star Wars "thing" with impeccable aim. Still widely unavailable in the UK, it can be rented on if you wanna see it.