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  • Barefoot Gen

    Barefoot Gen


    I knew what this was building towards going in.

    I've known for years. The central setpiece has made the rounds on YouTube since before 720p was an option on there.

    I still choked during the bombing. I sat in silence as my spine stiffened and my breath ceased for almost 3 minutes. I cried as a result of the pure gut churning horror that was served to me on my choice of viewing pleasure this day.

    There is no reasonable…

  • Wolfwalkers



    Western Animation in particular has been long trying to recreate the stone cold majesty of the Disney Renaissance for decades now. Ever since the release of FANTASIA 2000, which I personally rank as some of the best damn imagery ever produced for public consumption, I've been avariciously devouring cartoon after cartoon hoping to hit that high once again. Most recently, I've had to import my animated joys from across the opposite ocean for the last few years, with a few…

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  • Halloween



    Spooktober #1
    Michael Myers is still terrifying, the music is iconic as well as the imagery, and Carpenter was definitely at the top of his craft when he made this little gem.

  • Teenage Hitchhikers

    Teenage Hitchhikers


    When my grandfather died, my cousin and I fought over his movie collection. The cousin won out with all the DVDs, while I got to keep all the VHS collection and one of the DVDs he didn't want. Gramps having passed all the way back in 2012, I've been sitting on this here title for near a decade. I'd always been curious as to why my straight-laced, Marine Corps grandfather had such a skeevy exploitation movie in his collection.…