Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

It would be one thing if Snyder's comeback to moviedom after a hiatus was only hampered by the insouciant decision that he should be his own cinematographer. Past experience with his thoughts on how to frame shots in general isn't exactly what I'd call professional or studied. But on top of that, the story herein involves some of the dumbest, most insufferable mf's this side of Michael "Misogyny is Hilarious, Actually" Bay. And because of problem number one, I can't even enjoy the lizard-brain, hoo-rah action sequences based on the bizarre choice to frame this project like a god damn AdCouncil PSA. The idea that this film is supposed to be fun at all is crippled by the way the final act pays off. And if this is how Snack Zyder compartmentalizes his bad times, fair enough, but that isn't supposed to be packaged for big-budget, public consumption, bro.

I was lured in by a perfectly edited trailer and my insistent empathy for my fellow man. In the future, I shall be incredibly wary of the former, and unchanging in the latter.

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