The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★½

Hoop-Tober Stumbles

I did not expect to dislike this movie so much. It had such promise, with a radio personality as the lead character, a goofier departure from the plainly shocking first film, and direction from the late Tobe Hooper himself.

Enter the Golem-Globus partnership, Cannon Films. The tone for this movie is shot right out of the gate with two douchebag dweebs being idiots and getting killed for being so poorly written. Next, we have Dennis Hopper of all people phoning in a performance that starts off promising, but has nowhere to go seeing as the production and the director obviously clashed and couldn't decide on a final product. Even Caroline Williams in all her charisma and charm can't save this as in the end she recreates the Leatherface chainsaw dance.


Urgh, this was a harsh buzzkill to my Hoop-Tober high.

Sequels- 1/6
Countries- 1/6 (USA)
Decades- 1980s (3/6)
People Eating People- 1/3
Tobe Hooper- 1/2

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