The Lighthouse ★★★½

The Lighthouse is American arthouse in a way that I was afraid was on its way out to make room for non-stop big budget blockbuster fare. The film is full of ambiguities, subtext, and shit that makes no logical sense. It is a dizzying descent into the darkest corners of madness, where the human mind imagines the most profane and inconceivable things. I couldn't help but be reminded of The Shining in that regard. I was hooked by the stunning black and white cinematography pretty much from the start. The two leads are absolutely incredible; watching every tick, inflection, and crazed monologue performed this flawlessly warrants a serious write-up all its own. If I had any complaints, it was that Robert Eggers continues to use overly-dramatic music cues that I personally find silly; not the musical score, which I found to be foreboding and appropriate, but the use of certain loud noises whenever something significant happens. The film is also sometimes a bit too obtuse for its own good, ala David Lynch, but I still found this is to be a well-conceived, shot, and edited piece of effective film horror. 7.5/10.

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