Entanglement ★★★★★

Initially this was going to be a full analytical review where I explain the flaws and upsides to the film but I can't bare myself to do that. Every now and then there is a rare occasion where you just fall madly in love with a film and for me it's this. This film is beautiful in it's literally presentation (amazing cinematography and scenery) and in it's many metaphors and messages. The film is a solid reminder that nobody is alone and sometimes life is woven in strange ways that feel painful but are important in the greater scheme. This movie is greatly misunderstood (which is something I'll talk about another time).Jessica Weixler and Thomas Middleditch bounce off of each other beautifully with a lovely slice of dark comedy and a sprinkle of importance on top. Basically get ready to fall in love with the amazingly written beautifully shot and exciting roller coaster of emotions.

If you're considering seeing this and you haven't yet I urge you to watch it. It's streaming free on Tubi and Amazon Prime, I'm a huge advocate for small projects and it's time we finally show this one some love,
Stay safe & Stay Spooky-
Red (Molly)

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