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  • Upgrade



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    In an age where smart cars are driving themselves, "Upgrade" doesn't seem so far off from where we are heading. Like all good sci-fi stories, there's the ever encroaching progress of technology that threatens to remove our humanity and replace it with something "better" and more capable. People are replaced by machines- they don't drive their own cars, human police rely on drone cameras, we're given implants, and the list goes on. And all of this surrounds and weaves it's…

  • ManHunt



    Damn right, John Woo still has it. Fucking A!!! Shutty script, convoluted plot, but all the bullet ballet action makes up for it. Manhunt is streaming in Netflix now!

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  • Residue



    DAY 22

    This is a weird little nugget that I found streaming on Netflix. Taking place in an unspecified "not too distant future", Residue follows the efforts of a private detective as he reads through a mysterious journal that leaks a sticky residue. As soon as he begins reading, our protagonist is haunted by visions of other-worldly things and fractured moments in time. The film seems drenched in atmosphere and you can feel a certain stickiness throughout the story. It won't be for everyone, but it'll hit the right note for certain Lovecraftian fans of bizarre low budget indie efforts.

  • The Void

    The Void


    The Void

    Sometimes the niche is incredibly small. A sliver of an audience or a grain, but the niche still exists and it still wants to be served. There are only so many jump scares a film can have before you go numb, only so many CGI effects before you stop feeling the impact, and sometimes the brain is starved for something “different” and also a little familiar. The Void is a perfect thirst quencher for the classic horror of…