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    36th Warsaw Film Festival

  • Magnesium



    36th Warsaw Film Festival

    While the idea of making a western set at the frontier between Poland and the Soviet Union during the interwar period is interesting, Magnezja struggles to find its tone between comedy, drama and action. The prevalence of the former diminishes the involvement in the story, while the historical context seems underused.

    The screening was followed by a Q&A with director Maciej Bochniak.

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  • The Reformer – Zwingli: A Life's Portrait

    The Reformer – Zwingli: A Life's Portrait


    Almost 500 hundred years after Zwingli's time, his ideas seem still relevant today when it comes to criticising institutionalised religion. Less known than other reformers like Luther or Calvin, Zwingli remains an important historical figure, especially in a country divided by religion like Switzerland.

    Stefan Haupt's film is well produced and has nothing to envy to big international productions in terms of historical reconstitution, acting or cinematography. The rivalries between Zwingli and the catholic establishment, or with the more extreme anabaptists are well depicted, thus showing a simple man torn between humanism and extremism.

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    The Final Cut

    Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece looks gorgeous in this restored version. I haven't noticed all the edits but it seems more atmospheric and graphic than the Directors Cut version (which was the only one I had seen until now). 

    In addition, it is interesting to watch again the original film after having seen the sequel a couple times. While both are very different in terms of atmosphere and storytelling, the treatment of the core thematics such as AI or creation in this one still feels relevant and scary in 2019 (when this film does take place).