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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Upon second viewing, it cemented my thought that the first 45 minutes of this film are perfect. The character introductions are outstanding, the directorial choices are great, and Coopers and Gaga's musical intros are perfect. The shot of Gaga looking at Cooper on the bar top (and effectively looking directly at the viewer) knocked me for a loop.

    The fact that Gaga took acting lessons, Cooper took musical lessons, and they both end up excellent on screen displaying their new…

  • Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

    Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair


    March 28, 2011 was one of my Top 5 Most Memorable Moments in Moviegoing.

    My brother and I, long-time Tarantino fans, went to QT's New Beverly Cinema to watch his own personal print of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. And it was spectacular.

    We both had already seen the two separate parts multiple times. The major changes mentioned in other reviews, along with one subtle difference just before the intermission, really perfected what was already a near perfect film.…

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  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


    One of the many "it grows on you" Will Farrell films. The jokes that hit really hit, but most of the comedy falls flat.

    I love lamp.

  • BlacKkKlansman



    It took me a long while to understand Mookie's decision in Do The Right Thing.

    It doesn't take much introspection to get the point of BlacKkKlansman, ya dig? And rightfully so.

    Everyone should watch this film. Sure, some of the messaging is heavy-handed, but I think we've gone way past subtle messaging when addressing the issues this film deals with in the past and their obvious replication today. I think some people need this slap in the face.

    "WAKE UP!!"

    I loved this film. One of my favorites of the year. Sho nuff.

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets a lot of flack. Although some "fans" didn't care for a story that didn't fit with their pre-conceived ideas, I think that those who liked it will continue to gain appreciation for it.

    A common complaint among the disappointed was with Luke's heroics at the finale. While one can disagree with Luke being a pacifist, and wish for a huge climactic battle at the end, I would have to assume that a knock-down, drag…

  • The Game

    The Game


    When I saw this film (which I absolutely LOVED) on opening night, I remember being the only one in the theater laughing at the audacity and awesomeness of the ending. I should have given it a one-man standing ovation.