Bloodshot ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

A enjoyable time, but completely void of anything to grasp on to.

This is a case where the trailer held nothing back, so when you finally see the whole thing, there's absolutely zero mystery, no surprises. Probably since the story was so simple, there wasn't much to tell other than the hook that's spoiled in the trailer. Even that hook in the trailer seems to happen more times than it does in the film!!

Vin Diesel is such an empty vessel in this. This entire film is an origin story with nothing else added. I know superhero first-films are usually origin stories, but all we get is origin story. Dispatching the villain ends his intro, and the film subsequently ends with our hero still not knowing who he is, and neither do we.

But you know who kills it in this? Toby Kebbell. Great bad guy character intro! Of course, you find out he's not really the bad guy, so who the fuck was that character anyway? And did he even exist? This was too dumb.

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