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This review may contain spoilers.

Surprisingly fun! This, coupled with Aladdin, is 2019 one-two punch of Will Smith is much appreciated. Again, I am being been reminded why I loved Will Smith so much.

Seeing this in HFR was such a great experience. I like seeing the clarity and 3D effects in this, even though I believe 3D is a garbage gimmick. When used properly, and with a director who has an eye for it, it works for me. Cameron is the obvious master, but Ang Lee put it to good use here. I really appreciated the action sequences. Very good direction and great camera placement, with some excellent long-take shots.

Unfortunately this will be gone from theaters tomorrow in HFR format. It makes me wonder why put so much into a film that once it's gone from theaters, it can not be viewed that way again.

Finally, although I really did enjoy this film, I found it funny that the happy ending was so easy to get. There were some leaps and it did seem too easy to achieve the great outcome for everyone. Except for Baron, of course. Poor Baron.

[A-List #20]

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