Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ★★★★

Increasing my rating a half star for this, as well. 

Even though the introduction of the Holcruxes is a perfect example of the magical Macguffins these stories rely on to progress, the emotional impact of all the character actions is what powers this series at this point. 

And man are these emotions strong! Knowing Severus’ ultimate secret coupled with that fateful event at the end of this film is almost too much. Once again the adult actors do perfect jobs here, with Rickman and Gambon being the superstars of these films. Fiennes ain’t too bad, either.

And finally, they really hit the jackpot with all the kid actors in this series. Is it possible that Daniel Radcliffe is the greatest casting achievement in film history? Watson, Grint, and the other kids aren’t too far behind him, either. 

I’m having a great time watching these again, one each day. The familiarity of the story this time through is helping me dismiss the peeves I had with the first two and the fourth.