Predator ★★★★★

"The Demon Who Makes Trophies of Man."

This is a true classic in my book. Released during my first job at my local Azusa Foothill 10 Cinemas, I watched this film on opening night, and another ten full times during it's run, with assorted stop-in's during breaks and when I was just walking by. I also watched it once when it played with Spanish subtitles.

Watching it last night, I was continually amazed at the production value and directorial skill of the film. But what really got me this time was remembering back to June 12, 1987, when we had no idea what the Predator looked like. The slow reveals over the course of the film really upped the suspense, until even at full reveal, Arnie is always over-matched by the "one, ugly muthaf****."