Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I apologize in advance, and I'm gonna waste a shitload of time writing this, but I'm gonna Lt.-Daniel-Kaffee this shit.

Ready? Here I go:

The entire goal that our rebels have to achieve in order to win is to stop and/or destroy the Emperor's brand new, power-upped fleet of planet killing Star Destroyers.

However, these Star Destroyers cannot leave the planet yet, because even though they are armed with hundreds of thousands of crew, they need to be managed by a single transmitter tower to escape the planet's atmosphere.

Our rebels find out about this sole transmitter that needs to be in working condition and focus their attack on destroying it.

First they attack the tower, which just happens to be sitting out in the open, and they kill it with a single hand-held bomb. Next, because there's a surprise backup on the main Star Destroyer, our rebels then focus their attack on its Command Deck, which they destroy by hard-wiring a deck laser-cannon by way of its control panel, easily accessible through the hull of the spacecraft.

After the death of the Emperor, and all the Destroyers miraculously fall, we get three shots of Destroyers failing around the galaxy: one falls behind Bespin, one falls onto Jakku, and one just shines and explodes over the forest moon of Endor. And don't forget! We already had one Destroyer actually succeed in blowing up Kijimi.

Here is my question:

If it was imperative that our rebel friends destroy the transmitter that keeps the 1,000's of Star Destroyers tethered in that atmosphere of Exegol, then how did these four Star Destroyers, if not more, get out of that atmosphere??

My time-wasting diatribe above defines one of the many lazy ideas that happen in this terrible conclusion. But I feel as a life-long Star Wars fan, I am afforded a bit of my own time to record here on Letterboxd the truth about this dumb turd. I'm just having a hard time handling that truth.

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