The Vast of Night ★★★

Got a few glowing recommendations on this from some film friends, so I decided to give it a shot. While I appreciated what was being attempted here, I feel like at this point in our film history, you need to come up with a little more that what was provided in this film.

I liked the slow development of the story, I loved the camerawork which had long and extensive takes contrasting with quick fast edit takes, depending on the beats of the story. I liked the not-so-subtle radio station named W.O.T.W. And I loved the idea and presentation of its ode to Twilight Zone.

However, without trying to spoil it: this is one of those "that's it?" films. I didn't see any hidden allegory or deep thoughts exploration of any themes or messages behind what was presented. I actually thought as it was ending, "an actual Rod Serling story would have said something to me (not literally, as as outro) and I would have felt something, anything."

Finally: I try not to read reviews of films I've watched before I review, so that I get my uninfluenced thoughts down, so maybe I am missing something here. The craft was good, the story was mediocre. What did I miss?

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