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This review may contain spoilers.

It’s hard to put into words how much I loved this film. It’s more than just the story being told, but the way the Safdie’s created and crafted this wild and crazy ride through Howard’s life, it is a grand feat.

Sandler’s performance was not a surprise and top-notch. Worthy of his upcoming Oscar nomination.

The interwoven television game footage of KG combined with current KG was a gift that was put to perfect use. And KG was fantastic!

The soundtrack, which gave off a Blade Runner (1984) vibe, used to assault our senses as we get an introduction to Howard's life.

Howard’s schemes that are slowly dolled out one-by-one as the film unfolds, showing how conniving and in-over-his-head Howard really is.

The looks on Arno’s face and the subtle Arno reveal. Haunting.

Demany’s constant abandoning and disregarding of Howard.

JOHN AMOS, living legend!!!!

And so much more... Too much to list. This may be my favorite film of 2019.

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