• Red Eye

    Red Eye


    Cillian Murphy Double-Featch at the New Bev!

    Some really great action, nicely directed by Wes Craven.

    Baby-faced McAdams and Murphy bounce off each other very well in this taught action thriller. It's a little hammy, but it is full of truthful actions by our star McAdams. An impressively confined action thriller.

    Also, I always love an L to the O.G. sighting!

  • Sunshine



    Cillian Murphy Double-Featch at the New Bev!

    Seeing this on the big screen was a blast. I missed this in theaters originally, so this was quite the experience.

    I know it's common thinking, me included, that the third act in this lets the film down, and although this was my second watch, 15 or so years after the first, I tried to keep an open mind of accepting the entirety of the film.

    I don't think the third act lets…

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


    Val Kilmer: The Big Smoov

    Robert Downey Jr.: Anemic Tony Stark 

    Michelle Monaghan: Absolute Goddess

    Bear: Fish-Head Sucker

  • Napoleon



    Saw a test screening of this back in January. I enjoyed it, and my daughter and I got our comments recorded for Sir Ridds!

  • May December

    May December


    After watching the trailer for this before Netflix's other big release (MAESTRO), we said, 'what the hell' and made the trek to see right after.

    A familiar tabloid story, told from new perspective, I truly appreciated the conversations it provoked with my family.

    I appreciated the acting most of all.

  • Maestro



    First off: I knew nothing about this film going in. I was even unaware of the maestro portrayed by Cooper. I think it set me up to let this film wash over me, and it truly won me over.

    MAESTRO is a tour de force not only showcasing Bradley Cooper's directorial and acting capabilities, but also providing Carey Mulligan a prime character to play.

    The familiar story of a troubled (of course he was troubled) and talented composer and his…

  • Thanksgiving



    Inventive and yet routine. A dumb fun time at the movies.

    I am sure John Carver will be back.

    [A-list #126]

  • The Holdovers

    The Holdovers


    25th Anniversary Cross-Country 2-Week Vacation w/Charlie!

    The last film on our 25th wedding anniversary trip. What a way to close it out!

    I love Giamatti. From my introduction to him as my favorite call-letters explainer ("Double You - ENNNNNNN - BEE SEE") in Private Parts to his portrayal as the world's saddest man in Payne's perfect Sideways, he is usually great. (He has had some stinkers, to be sure.)

    Did you know he didn't realize his character in Private Parts…

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    25th Anniversary Cross-Country 2-Week Vacation w/Charlie!

    Short Catch-up Diary Entries:

    Oh man, since I've seen as many assassin films as a film buff might see over time, it was a joy to watch the waiting game that was the beginning of this film. I loved the focus of the music as he was scoping his target. Little touches like that all throughout this film.

    The dinner with The Expert was fantastic.

  • Albert Brooks: Defending My Life

    Albert Brooks: Defending My Life


    25th Anniversary Cross-Country 2-Week Vacation w/Charlie!

    Short Catch-up Diary Entries:

    Just magnificent. As Defending Your Life is one of my favorite comedies, it was great to see his early life stuff which I, for whatever reason, had never seen. Just a straight up genius.

    That mime sketch blew my socks off.

  • Tommy Boy

    Tommy Boy


    25th Anniversary Cross-Country 2-Week Vacation w/Charlie!

    Short Catch-up Diary Entries:

    How in the HELL did I have this comedy masterpiece only at four stars? A comedy where nearly every joke lands.

    I'll always remember the story of my parents taking my grampa to see this, as they said he laughed a lot. I wish I could have been there, too. He was a good laugher.

  • Bull Durham

    Bull Durham


    25th Anniversary Cross-Country 2-Week Vacation w/Charlie!

    Short Catch-up Diary Entries:

    Coming right in the middle of the Costner-aissance, these four films (Untouchables, No Way Out, BD, and Field of Dreams) cemented Kevin in Hollywood royalty.

    Much deserved. He is on fire in this, and I forgot how good he and everyone was in it.