• Happy Feet

    Happy Feet


    My daughter's first film experience. She was all over the place, wanting to walk everywhere.

    She was two and a half, and could not grasp the directorial skill of auteur George Miller who would go on to direct the greatest action film of all time, but I do believe she admired Miller's dancing penguins, if only for about 36 seconds.

    Still, this is a spectacular film.

  • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo


    My son's first film in a theater. Almost two years old, and he was a perfect viewer.

    Perhaps it was the excellence of this film that enthralled him. Probably it was just the colors.

  • The Darkest Minds

    The Darkest Minds


    What starts off with a pretty harrowing setup, evolves into an exciting story that resembles other Young Adult and/or X-Men films.

    Many aspects of this are familiar. The bad guys are bad, the good guys are good, the world is pretty dystopian, even though we don't really see it much. But it kept me interested, and it culminates with the saddest ending for its target audience. It also sets the stage for a sequel that will most likely never happen. Knowing how much I liked The Darkest Minds, this really was the saddest ending of all.

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    Stabilize your rear deflectors...
    Watch for enemy dog poops!

    Ok, so that's obviously not the line, but it is one I quote whenever I'm out for a walk with my lovely wife.

    I really don't care for the whole "May the Fourth" thing. I always get a twinge of PTSD whenever I hear anything as nerdy as that related to Star Wars. As a young 10-16 year old kid, Star Wars was everything to me. It entered my life the…

  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby


    Leave it to Baz Luhrmann to design one of the greatest character introductions ever filmed. I mean, look at that photo on the top of this film's page!

    Thanks to my daughters homework assignment, we watched this after she finished the book. Although the story has been told a hundred times since, in varying ways and forms, the production value of this more than makes up for its familiarity. The actors are all beautiful, even the dirty ones, and Luhrmann's direction is about as grand as possible.

  • Robo Vampire

    Robo Vampire

    "What's this on Prime Video? ROBO VAMPIRE? Coming out a year after Robocop came out. There's a sequel, too? Hmmmm... let me check this out."

    Three seconds later...


  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    This film really had some balls to not only NOT have a tournament, but to systematically remove characters from the MK story. I suppose if this is successful enough, they can fashion the next story about the actual tournament, and most assuredly find a way to bring back the characters who were dispatched.

    Being an arcade addict back in my youth, and playing MK on pretty much the day it showed up like a Hanzo from hell, I really had…

  • The Abyss

    The Abyss



    Went to Century City to see The Abyss: Special Edition on the big screen. Such a better version, too bad James didn't have the Titanic clout back then, and had to take out the most important message of the film.

    Sure it's a little clunky and some is over-wrought, but to lose that message at the end seems like the entire point of the film was abandoned because of those damned Suits trying to squeeze an extra screening each day.

  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    So, I finally got to see this, 18 years after its release. I had read how this is considered a masterpiece.

    So, is it a masterpiece because of how prescient it was? Is this film about the terrible practices and strategies of the police force? The way that intimidation and beatings don't work? The way they must handle the media by hiding their techniques? The way that a myopic view on possible suspects leads to mistaken accusations and lost focus…

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace


    And this dismal viewing was my first digital film viewing ever. Big whoop.

  • Star Trek

    Star Trek


    Notes from this watch on why this film is GREAT and is now worthy of a 5-Star upgrade:

    Casting is top notch, maybe the best ever considering they had to replicate the original cast synergy. Every actor succeeds in this

    Bones is struggling to control his accent, you can tell from the way his cheeks are always clenched

    "O-Olsen is gone, sir!" Red shirt death perfection

    Winona gave us the death we never got in Godfather 3

    Managed to create…

  • Jaws



    Flashback showing: Regency Azusa 10

    Took my son, and it was also my first viewing of this perfect adventure on the big screen.