Scream ★★★★★

I have been waiting for the timing to come up for me to rewatch this. I saw it when it came out a few times and I remember how much I loved it back then. During this rewatch I realized I didn't remember any details besides the big ones, so I was able to enjoy it almost like it was my first time watching it. The humor is great on its own but the amount of gore and pure entertaining horror makes this movie epic. The big deal when it was released was that we all thought we were going to see a movie with Drew Barrymore as the protagonist. So that first sequence was shocking! It was a genius move but in no way does that moment define the genius of the rest of the movie. It feels very 90's as all 90's movies do, but in horror, it's less bothersome. The acting is brilliant and it does the whole meta horror inside of a horror film bit way before Cabin in the Woods did.

Horror fans cannot skip this.

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