Joker ★★★★★

I probably won't be the first to say this, but Joker is a masterpiece.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular role in one of his finest roles to date, which is high praise because he's fantastic in everything and obviously one of my favorite actors. He takes the character to a dimension I never thought we would see on film. He's harrowing.

This is scathing character study one of the very best I've ever seen in my life. If you're expecting a big comic book movie, this ain't it chief.

The third act is completely bonkers. It's essentially the Phoenix show, there are some notable name actors but none of them are really given that much.

I'm not gonna go declaring Phoenix as the best Joker because I love Ledger's performance so much but this one is certainly up there. A much different take on the character and Joaquin absolutely nailed it.

I loved it.

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