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  • What Comes Around

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  • What Comes Around

    What Comes Around

    "I don't like the term nepo babies. I'm gonna come up with a new term. LEGACY ARTISTS. This film is filled with LEGACY ARTISTS." - Mike

    "The beginning, just the direction of the actors was a little, like weird. I call it 'California People Syndrome (CPS)' where they act strange and it's just like, what are you doing? Super rich people are trying to imitate uh.... LEGACY ARTISTS are trying to imitate how real families operate in their household. It's…

  • Oppenheimer


    "When the frat guys all get in the van to go watch this, they ain't gonna have a good time." - Mike

    Half in the Bag: Oppenheimer and The Hollywood Implosion, Jul 23, 2023

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  • Samurai Cop

    Samurai Cop

    Josh: I've seen movies that looked worse, or had worse scripts, or were more badly directed. But it's kind of like this perfect storm of everything terrible. It's like if you took ten years worth of outtakes of like a terrible syndicated cop show, and you made a movie of it.

  • The Galaxy Invader

    The Galaxy Invader

    Galaxy Invader is the greatest movie you'll ever see.

    It's a masterpiece of awkwardness.

    Our lead character's name is Joe. This man is the most horrible man ever. He's a drunk and he often threatens his family with a firearm. So an average typical morning he attempts to murder his own daughter with a shotgun. He chases her out to the woods and he discovers a spaceman in the woods.

    Mike: It's the worst acting, the ugliest fucking people you'll…