Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration ★★★½

Don't know where the spirit of Bob Dylan was on this night in 1992, but it wasn't in the crowd of Madison Square Gardens. Instead of celebrating the career of a man who challenged authority and the ingrained evils of the status quo, the crowd boos a waifish (and sure, somewhat obnoxious) Sinead O'Connor because she took public aim against child rapists. Anyway, that was two minutes out of this multi-houred production.

And there's really no other missteps here. Even Lou Reed, who spends nine minutes on a rare Dylan outtake that had only been released on an official bootleg the previous year... kinda kills it. Grabbing GE Smith with Booker T and the MGs was also a pretty perfect choice.

My only complaint is that the film was an afterthought. The concert event was primary. Live album recording was the next goal. Maybe the home video market wasn't what it could have been. Or maybe interesting filming techniques are easier now. But the visuals don't add anything to the performances.

And where was Springsteen?

Part of my 1993 list and my Music Documentaries list.