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This review may contain spoilers.

My favourite thing is tracing the turning points of each of the characters, and not just the points, but each of the curves that start at the beginning. It’s never clear the boundaries of each of them and I never want it explained to me.

The third view I finally (albeit unconsciously) set aside my preferred lens of the love story and diverted attention to Abigail—I could finally see all of her dimensions. None of them are exactly easy to define, but she proves the trickiest to explain each of her motivations, where she is put past the point of no return. She’s always stood out as the piece I couldn’t quite get, and yes, we’re given the most close-ups of her versus anyone else as well as multiple shots of the machinations of her behavior, but even without, she’s really not a monster and she’s not necessarily gaining control for the sake of it. She set foot in the palace with a heavy history and hopes to grace the personal stature she once had; what follows is her hold on the first bright spot she’s had in quite some time, but she’s not emotionless.

Perhaps because of my past, perhaps
some malformation of my heart... I must take control of my circumstance. I will need to act in a way that meets the edges of my morality. To trust is to risk...

There’s a lot of hurt in this story and that hurt manifests in many ways, some more benign than others. It wreaks havoc nonetheless and leads our three leads down lonely paths. It’s sad when we allow ourselves to receive only so much, it’s sad when others choose to give less than they can. The Favourite is grand because we need to have the capacity ourselves to recognize where those lines are drawn in others in addition to our own being, and sometimes we recognize too late and those emotions have no place to go but to burn in the embers.

Messy thoughts for a tangled and divine story.

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