Carnage ★★★★★

Carnage is one of those films where you should not watch any of the trailers and just go in fresh. If the name of director Roman Polanski doesn't convince you, the others, four of the top-notch actors working in Hollywood today, won't either. Polanski's directing is solid and gives the actors enough space in the cozy living room so that within minutes of this chamber play, the illusion of civilization is blown away by the sheer egotism of its characters. Even Foster's do-gooder, constantly and hilariously enlonging the original set-up, ultimately seeks the apology for her own well-being with the world and not because her son craves it. But the others don't come short. Waltz is instantly spot-on, visually enjoying himself in the role of the asshole from beginning to end and Winslet's and Reilly's masks coming down in the second half is as hilarious as you'd expect. All in all, definitely the most hilarious film this year for people that do not enjoy watching drunkards relive the same experience over and over again or women pooping in sinks.

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