Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ★★★★★

I can't help it. I love this film. Rogue One is the Star Wars movie I always dreamed of watching one day. No lightsabers, no rehashes, no Skywalkers. Just a film about normal people fighting for what's right in a galaxy far, far away. And for a Disney movie, it's also actually quite dark and uncompromising.

The Force Awakens was done for the prequel haters, the JJs and Simon Peggs. Rogue One was made for the fans.

A few thoughts:

- What I loved most about the movie is how it feels like reading a SW comic book, especially the whole sequence at the Research Outpost. It really brought the Expanded Universe to life, it redefines (at least for the movies) and nuances how people deal with the force, the Empire, etc. If you've ever read a book, a comic, played X-Wing or something like that, you'll feel right at home.
- There's very little introduction, they jump around a lot which might be off-putting for some but it's honestly what I wanted for years. The places they introduce in the first 15 minutes are more refreshing than the whole of TFA.
- The action is great, Edwards' real talent is emphasizing scale and it shines here.
- Vader is absolutely perfect.
- Edwards' directing is really off the hook in this. I'm a big, big fan of his and the scale and elegance he brings to this story is astounding. It's perhaps the most beautiful SW film. Ever.
- Loved all the characters, Cassian Andor is perhaps the greatest addition to the canon since ROTJ. I wish they'd spent even more time on the secondary characters but it still all worked for me. The payoffs in the end were simply great.

I'll have to see it a few more times but so far it is the best movie since the OT by far.