TRON: Legacy ★★★

I can't wrap my head around how this didn't become the movie Disney and we all wanted. First of all, the movie looks awesome. The style has been successfully updated without totally altering or destroying dear memories (*cough*Lucas*cough*), the CGI is really good and the casting is pleasing. It respects the original movie and they even got Jeff Bridges back to play Flynn.
The main problem here is of course the screenplay. I dig that they tried to connect it so much to the original but, honestly, this is where the main problem is. It is never really revealed how or why the army needs to get out or invade our reality or if that was even possible. It's also mind-boggling how they did not in at least some way involve the internet. I get that the old computer wasn't hooked up to it but why they would make a movie about computers in 2009 and not involve it at least some way? I mean, it would've given the invasion of a global virus or outbreak of some kind a nice touch.
This feels in many ways like an inbetween film because it actually is. It introduces our new hero, resolutes some aspects and introduces us quickly to the new villain, played by Cillian Murphy, for the third film in the beginning. Problem is, will it ever get made?

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