Paris, Texas ★★★★★

The story at its simplest form follows an old western formula. A drifter sacrifices himself to bring back together a mother and son... A story worthy of prime Clint Eastwood, but this one stars Harry Dean Stanton and it's directed by Wim Wenders.

The result is a quiet, poignant tale of self-isolation, heartbreak, and dissonance in the American West.

Definitely, the most vibrant the West has looked on-screen. Dutch cinematographer Robby Muller uses a wide range of colors (rich red, blue and green hues) to gorgeously capture the western landscapes like we've never seen before. Another testament to the brilliance of the cinematography is how incredibly distant our characters feel even when in the same frame. This highlights the theme of disconnect within the characters, especially during the climax.

One of the most heartbreaking, deeply moving monologues is given by Harry Dean Stanton towards the end of the film. This is my third time watching this film and it still makes me break down like a newborn baby.

++ Sam Shepard's masterful story.
++ One of the most American films ever yet it's directed by a German and produced by the French.
++ The color palettes are awe-inspiring

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