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  • Chungking Express
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Happy Together
  • Days of Being Wild

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  • Predator

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies


  • Resurrection


  • Bullet Train


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  • Nomadland



    When you seek yourself in this world, remember to look down as well as up.

    In the rocks, the dirt, the sand... pieces that tell stories of the world we inhabit.

    Look ahead, down the endless road of a snowy landscape.

    Look around you and in the people who share the same journey.

    We are Fern. We are living in Nomadland.

  • The Rider

    The Rider


    It's all right there at the end, Brady seemingly ready to recoup his former glory in one brilliant dance at the rodeo.

    The hesitation creeps as he peers out to his family. He checks his hand, knowing the paralysis can kick in without a moment's notice.

    His eyes tell the true story of the mind and the heart...

    Bring on Nomadland (and The Eternals for good measure)

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  • Joker



    A cinematic character study unlike any other in the comic book/graphic novel world. A movie not made to please one particular group, and more of an invitation to explore chaos in a man living in a world that is slowly disintegrating.

    What Joaquin Phoenix does here is nothing short of incredible. It's a transformative performance that will last in the history of one of a kind singular performances.

    Production design and cinematography stand out as well, crafting a world that looks and feels as dirty and despicable as this Gotham should.

    Its a slow burn, but extremely rewarding in the end.

  • 1917



    I really wanted to feel something more with this technical marvel. There’s a clear arc for the characters, but it’s not really interesting nor compelling. Cameos by well-known British actors took me out of the film. It’s certainly a sight to see with Roger Deakins’ aesthetically pleasing cinematography. The continuous shot appeal also works more than when it doesn’t. Overall, I couldn’t grasp the emotional core of the film that others are so affectionately and easily able to do.