Captain Marvel ★★★★½

She shines brighter than most. Her light reaches all corners of the galaxy. She is greater than men and women, becoming something else entirely. This is Captain Marvel.

A relatively uninteresting first 30 mins is forgotten when all is said and done. Brie Larson, full of spunk, attitude and existential angst, is perfectly cast as the titular hero. Sam Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn and Jude Law (for half the film anyways) are solid, never really taking the spotlight, but making the film so much more rounded and full bodied.

Plot surprises aside, the narrative is fun, loose, and just so enjoyable. A few dialogue hiccups here and there, but doesn't detract. Boden and Fleck's focus on emotions being a strength is a true highlight though. It's the type of feminist language that isn't shoved down your throat, but something truly relatable and modern.

Let's go CM!

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