Moonlight ★★★★★

there comes a film in every cinephiles life that drastically changes the way you interact and experience strangers, love, friends, family, and art. Moonlight (2016) is that film for me.  

why? when leaving the theatre after my first screening (yes, a first means there were multiple), I was silent. I strode to my car, drove on the Gardiner, dropped off a friend and headed home with barely a sound coming from my mouth. not only was I reflecting what I had just seen on screen, but I was absorbing every little bit. the beautiful, saturated, but deeply affecting Liberty City backdrop. the haunting, classically-chopped-and-screwed score by Nicholas Britell. the dutiful, poignant script by Barry Jenkins. oh my, the tender, humble and masterful performances at work here. Ali, Harris, Rhodes, Sanders, Hibbert, Holland, Monae. it was the silence however that pierced into my conciousness and remained. the lack of response from Chiron, with his meek expression, always looking down. that is where you saw the heartbreak. the looks exchanged between him and Kevin. his last conversation we see with Paula. these moments of silence strung together are rare in hollywood and thankfully this not a hollywood film. 

if you have not seen this film, I implore you!

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