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  • Power Rangers

    Power Rangers


    An irresistible cocktail of ideals springing into life. Cinema of utmost sincerity and optimistic realism. The narrative template this film inhabits may be rote, but the amount of joy and modest representation it generates is near-revolutionary. This is probably the film that validates my childhood love for the Power Rangers and certainly the one that tells me it's perfectly okay to continue loving it until I'm old and grey.

  • Jumper



    I can't believe I used to be crazy about this now-obvious turd. The 15-year-old me was rightly fascinated by the prospect of being able to teleport oneself to anywhere they damn well please. The premise is pure escapist adolescent fantasy. But, unfortunately, the 22-year-old me is now of the opinion that premise is all this film's got up its sleeve. It goes downhill after the electric set-up in the first fifteen minutes. Scattershot and just plain hollow, Jumper quickly devolves…

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  • Warcraft


    I walked out of the matinee after one hour and a half of being pummelled by this unholy nonsense. What a sluggishly paced and narratively confused fella this film was. It was kind of great to actually see the games' aesthetics get the most faithful screen adaptation, but that's just it. Everything else was a completely unengaging mess. I saw potential here - a sprawling fantasy universe that could be fun to explore. But all of that was squandered in…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Okay, so it's out and it's nice.

    Wait, well, it's more than nice. It's good! Yeah? Let's settle for 'good' so as to not make these hungry dogs even hungrier. From now on, I'll be using the adjective as a euphemism for the M-word.


    George Miller. Now I've never met the man, let alone talking to him, but judging from Mad Max: Fury Road, I'm willing to bet my ass that he's a super kind guy. How…