Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★★★

Twick ‘or tweaat”

Was incredibly lit, and wanted to watch some Batman and boy was this the perfect choice. How the psychedelic colors pop off the screen in a neon haze, with amazing production design, gorgeous cinematography, some cool sets and miniatures. The movie is a consistently stunning display of analog spectacle. Carrey and Jones just so over-the-top cartoonish, I couldn’t stop laughing anytime they were on-screen. Kidman, oh-la-la. Kilmer radiates a cool stoicism with his Wayne, really like how this entry dives a little more into his psyche, how he copes with the memory of his parents’ death in the wake of Robin’s origin. And it’s a pretty wicked moment when, after defeating Nygma, he uses the Box to weaponize his own fear and trauma into Nygma’s brain.

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