Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★★★

My girlfriend got me the 4K set of the four original Batman’s and the five Bay directed Transformers for my birthday. And boy do they all look marvelous. This one in particular I just had to watch all of. Conventional wisdom will tell you that this is a downgrade from the Burton flicks, and I understand that Batman Returns is easily the masterpiece of the original four, but if I’m being honest with myself, I kinda like Forever just a tad more. The production design is just as strong as its’ predecessors, but the incredibly striking neon-lighting is more my style and Val Kilmer is truly underrated in the role. He has the looks, the inherent American-playboy thing, a cool voice, basically everything I look for in a good Batman. I also really like how Nicole Kidman really wants to fuck him, and that moment when Bruce is about to tell her his secret, and they kiss and she realizes who he really is, with Kilmer’s intense silence and the quiet satisfaction in her grimace, man I love that shit!

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