Division ★★★

Division is a dramedy set smack dab inside the divisive political ambiance in the U.S., specifically, in the fall of 2020 when there was a Presidential election going on and anti-maskers were dying of COVID. The town is Atlanta, and the protagonists are Andi James, an actress who is voting for Biden, and Mason, an out-of-work former wannabe musician, who is voting for Trump.

The pair couldn’t be more different but they do genuinely like each other when they connect on their first “date.” But, there are extenuating circumstances, not the least of which is the fact that Andi is engaged to be married. When she discovers Mason’s true agenda—that he wants to marry her, and that he’s a MAGA man—Andi tries to distance herself but it may be too late.

The movie might have been filmed during the pandemic because it’s mostly shot indoors and there aren’t too many cast members. But this actually adds to the realism and the script is fast-paced enough to keep you interested.

Division starts off fairly light and there is some humor to it but as the story progresses it gets darker and darker, concluding it a real gut-punch of an ending. The movie does show a strong preference for the liberal side of things but it does portray Mason as more than just a Trump puppet—overall, Division provides interesting character studies.

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