Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï

Costello: "I never lose. Never really."

Andre 3000 once asked the question: "What's cooler than being cool?" At the time I would have replied with: "Ice cold!", but not anymore. Now I'll reply with: "Jef Costello".

Damn, this movie is cool. Costello is one hell of a figure. The guy can practically kill a person just by staring at them. That thing he does with his hat is so awesome. Whenever he would adjust his hat in the film, I would pretend to do the same with an imaginary fedora. I might even consider dressing up as Costello for Halloween and go around staring at people; it'll be classy.

The thing that I liked most about Le Samouraï is how noirish it seems (is noirish a word?). The way the film is set up to the way it ends gives it the tone of an older flick. Heck, even the characters are noir-like. Costello is the smart and quiet lead that has plenty of charm protruding from his ego. There's also the hard nosed policeman, the prostitute with a heart of gold, and the piano player; it's noir central. The only thing missing is a narration by Costello.

Unfortunately I was sidetracked during the film multiple times and had to pause it but, shortly before the film was finished, I went online and purchased the Criterion Collection DVD so I could rewatch the film and take it in as a whole instead of in a five hour time frame (which happened tonight).

Le Samouraï is a fantastic film. Although I had to pause it and resume it multiple times, I still found myself hooked to the screen and not wanting to look away. I am looking forward to rewatching the film again as it will likely make me appreciate it more, and I may even re-review it as well. The film is hip, noir-like, super cool, and is definitely one of my new favorites.