Possessor ★★★★★

Holy. Fucking. Christ. Almighty.

Now THAT’S a fucking horror movie. I am absolutely floored. Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor is a haunting surreal head-trip nightmare of a film. Through stunningly immersive photography, an otherworldly nerve-grinding soundscape, searingly committed performances, and striking body horror VFX imagery that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, the film transported me entirely out of my body, and the experience was frightening, upsetting, and kinetically entertaining.

The actual plot itself is quite compelling too (and the place where it lands, the climactic sequence and the final scene that followers, is nothing short of masterful)— though Possessor is certainly a feeling over story type of movie. Some will surely find it confusing, unsatisfying, and overbearingly morbid. Honestly, I’m pretty fucking depressed these days, and I’m finding myself more attracted to the morbid when it comes to my entertainment— there’s a haunting, eerily beautiful melancholy to this film (and so much subtext about feeling empty inside and fighting an inner war with a destructive entity) that really resonated with me.

Absolutely one of the best goddamn movies I’ve seen from 2020. I wish we lived in a world where this could be an awards frontrunner, because there’s sooo much worthy of merit here in terms of the craft and performances (Christopher Abbott in particular just might give my single favorite leading acting performance in an outstandingly crowded year. Astoundingly meticulous, intense, internally-felt work).

Cannot praise this one enough. See it if you can.

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