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  • Bag Lady

    Bag Lady

    To those who have vocalized their excitement for Pacific Angels, I'm currently working on my first of a few interviews about it. Thought I'd just share a snippet.

    But yes, in summary, there'll be two versions of it.

    I was kind of inspired by Bergman in this way. I'm not going to worry about time restraint or completely ditching some of things I do when I work on a project, but I'm definitely focused on making something that's both…

  • The Canyons

    The Canyons


    Lindsay Lohan playing a failed actress.

    James Deen playing a sociopathic bedroom pornographer.

    Nolan Funk playing an aspiring actor lacking talent.

    The tagline for the film is “This is not The Hills.”

    One thing I think some should reconsider about Paul Schrader’s empathetic indictment of the current state of the film industry is that he's entirely aware of what your judgments are going to be; he shot the film digitally, cheaply, and intended it for VOD screening only.

    He directs…

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  • Halloween



    Let me say one thing.

    It’s something that I often don’t outright admit about myself.

    It’s something that you can see in my own personal films – however, I’ve never been one to outright admit it to close friends; a cocktail of shame and an endless desire to better myself for the sake of my future.

    Often, we get a bit existential on Letterboxd, or even a bit pretentious.

    But that’s what makes us all cinephiles.

    This is going to…

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    I finished off my review of Zombie’s first Halloween stating that I probably wouldn’t be able to rewatch the sequel.

    I did, but it wasn’t easy.

    Just like the first, the film is about the same themes. A continuation of them; pretty much accompanying the previous as if they were one whole movie that just so happen to be visually different.

    I paralleled Zombie’s version of the Michael Myers story with my own. An almost autobiographical understanding of a certain…