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  • Meshes of the Afternoon

    Meshes of the Afternoon

    "The major obstacle for amateur filmmakers is their own sense of inferiority vis-a-vis professional productions. The very classification “amateur” has an apologetic ring. But that very word–from the Latin “amateur”–“lover” means one who does something for the love of the thing rather than for economic reasons or necessity. And this is the meaning from which the amateur filmmaker should take his clue. Instead of envying the script and dialogue writers, the trained actors, the elaborate staffs and sets, the enormous…

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  • Kajillionaire


    All the furniture is gone and it’s only you and that person in the room.

    This movie is so romantic it makes me wanna tell it to put more clothes on to avoid making everyone uncomfortable.

  • Maysville


    Watch here.

    In the process of doing some retrospective thoughts on a few of my features as I re-share the links.

    Maysville was made in fall of 2015. I was interested exploring ideas about shared trauma.

    I also think this is the first film where I started to really get into some kind of abstract storytelling method. I was influenced by Persona in some ways, too.

    It's not perfect, and maybe not very good. In fact, I wish I remembered…

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  • Midnight Cowboy

    Midnight Cowboy

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Can we stop excluding Midnight Cowboy from recognition as a queer love story?

    The basic outline of Midnight Cowboy is this: a young Texan man (played by Jon Voight) decides he wants to move to New York City and become a hustler. His main aspiration in life? To find a rich woman and live off of her and simply aim to please her. He moves, he’s stuck in the city, and he doesn’t find the success that he saw in…

  • Showgirls


    My fiancé was expecting a movie about a stripper with one whole leg as a body. The poster misled him, and he was severely disappointed.