Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain ★★½

I will never understand the love this movie gets beyond the very good performances and the postcard scenery. Narratively speaking, its kind of warped. From a queer perspective, it doesn't do anything but subject two gay male characters into a heteronormative climate. It has ideas about the way they would be treated, and the way these kind of lives may have been lived - but its stuck within Lee's ham-fisted direction. The story is episodic by structure, but it doesn't do anything emotive with the material, at all. They're gay in the middle of the 20th century - and in Wyoming?! Oh my god. Perfect starting material - but neither Ennis nor Jack have their relationship based off of anything but wanting to fuck (and they have families, yes, and they're repressed on their sexuality, yes. But what else defines them as human?). It's kind of a soulless screenplay.

The Love Story of queer film.