Memento ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Film #10 of the Scavenger Hunt Challenge!
Task #19 A film featuring a physically or mentally challenged person!

I remember thinking that this was an absolutely amazing film when I first saw it, and was really looking forward to revisiting it for this challenge.

But I was disappointed, and I've been trying to work out why.

I was still OK with the non-linear narrative, as I don't mind at all being made to work for my movie and it's an effective way of getting an insight into Leonard's 'condition' (as he refers to it). And I'm an admirer of Guy Pearce, who (despite the awful 90s dyed blond hair) is good in a role where neither his character nor the viewer knows his true backstory.

But you know what? I'm still struggling to make sense of the actual plot! The 'hunt for the murderer' stuff just didn't make sense, and raised too many questions about how all these people became involved with each other. If it's about people taking advantage of him because of his 'condition', then why would they do that? (Is this yet another example of Nolan not knowing what to do with female characters?) What is it with Terry, popping up all the time? If all the characters apart from Leonard are connected in some way, then that doesn't come across. And are we now expected to believe that Leonard will set off in search of the next John G, having forgotten what he's just done?

And just in case you thought the non-linear thing obscured the plot, well my DVD included a version which has been edited in proper chronological order, which I watched afterwards to see where I was being dense. And it still didn't make sense.