Once Upon a Time in Anatolia ★★★★

Bela Tarr one of director from abroad who is often try to freeze every sphere , moment of human intensity . cinema mocking to us nowadays when we watch some authentic director from Europe subtly attacking old narrative or experiment with their camera or involving style. if we seen Haneke's Cache this movie moving on character;s intense and tension. Turkish master Nuri Bilge recent time a exceptional craft guy who unconventionally present his ordinary plot in a extraordinary circumstances. i'm bit of fond of his movie when i discovered his last year canne's Golden palm winner movie ''Winter Sleep'' aesthetically remarkable. Nuri's this drama won grand pix also from canne's i took time for watch this unusual drama set on beautiful land of desert. story began on latenight searching a dead body with a group of man. starting moment was tremendously colorful Director created visual aesthetic in late night on Anatolian Desert with Car's headlight. eventually plot survive with slow pace but naturally moving in various character's tension and their discussion around the searching event in very darkness. You amazed to see this epic movie i used epic term for this aesthetic and it's exploring of human reaction. Beside his earlier work Distant (2002), Climates (2006) this is a adventure of his searching of metaphysical answer of our life's motive like his favorite author Anton Chekhov. One of moment i barely remembered when all of searcher like classic western movie came for rest in a village where a stunning girl came out with a lamp then all were surprised in sudden glance not for light, everybody gave a impression to lamplady just amused why she doing in this fucking desert ? ..... Nuri began story instantly without any clue what they searching involved audience with the matter slowly we learn this is the matter or object they searched. Morning occur event normally closed and we reached also sudden finishing moment. Nothing to mention Nuri Bilge's Visual approach he is quite luxurious and method on his splendid long shot here this movie i found some grand long take so far remarkable and try to feel whole atmosphere on desert. it's like a tour with some character's hunting or midnight affair where we observe someone's guiltiness or somebodies rotten personal past story. As i'm a fan of his movie i prefer this movie on of the aesthetically best from him beside Winter Sleep.