Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

This film wades deep into murky waters, while attempting to walk a razor’s edge in both tone and message. Ultimately, I’m not really sure it succeeds at either, but it is fairly entertaining, makes excellent use of Bo Burnham, and certainly deserves high marks as an ambitious first feature. That said, I wouldn’t really call it a good film so much as an interesting one. While it does examine a lot of these socially permissive situations and their far-reaching effects on various lives, it also ironically seems to have zero interest in examining said murkiness. Nearly everyone is an awful, irredeemable person and the film takes great pleasure in how cancelable they are... like a dark cloud that just sorta hovers over the film from the very first scene. It’s also very much a mini rom-com and a bubble gum pop music video about PTSD. So yeah, it’s interesting. I think it would’ve been way, way better if it had been way, way more grisly & violent. I can understand why they didn’t go with that direction, but I definitely think it would’ve tipped its scales.

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